Mercedes SBC Pump Repair - Refurbish - Recondition Service


This is a Mercedes W230 SL 500 - 600 550 and W211 - E Class 2002 - 2006 SBC ABS Pump Repair - Refurbish  SERVICE


You probably know that buying a Second Hand Pump from Ebay can't guarantee how long it will last because all of them suffer from the same problem. At around 300.000 brake pedals, the pump will give you the gray warning light on dashboard and it will announce you that pump has to be replaced. 

So paying £300- £700 will not guarantee for how long this pump will work.


Our service guarantees that your pump will last almost like a new pump.

Bear in mind that a "new pump" from the main dealer is also a refurbished pump as BOSCH has not been manufacturing new pumps since 2012.


Your original SBC pump will be examinated, tested and all faulty parts will be replaced with OEM components.

You don't need to worry about programing or coding or any other issue related to mismatch or configuration problems once you get the pump back from us.

It will work on the principle "PLUG and PLAY".


The only thing to be done after having the pump fitted back on the car is to bleed all the 4 weels, with a diagnostic equipment (which should bleed the braking sistem properly).

We can also offer assistance in this matter over the phone.


If you have the gray message: Service Brake - Visit workshop - we will reprogram the pump and eliminante this message as part of the refurbish - repair service at no extra cost.


  1. Also, you are getting a 6 months warranty with the repairs done on your original pump.


Many part numbers covered!

Mercedes Part Number –  A005 431 0012   Bosch Part Number – 0265 250 067
Mercedes Part Number –  A005 431 0612   Bosch Part Number – 0265 250 065
Mercedes Part Number –  A005 431 3412  Bosch Part Number – 0265 250 077
Mercedes Part Number –  A005 431 7112  Bosch Part Number – 0265 250 092

Mercedes Part Number -  A0044316912   Bosch Part Number - 0265960019

Mercedes Part Number -  A0044319913 A0054310512 A005 431 05 12 

Mercedes Part Number - A0054317212   Bosch Part Number – 0265960025

Bosch Part Number – 0265 960 025         Bosch Part Number – 0265 960 012
Bosch Part NUmber – 0265 960 019         

Mercedes Sbc Repair - Refurbish service by POST - UK mainland

  • Refurbish of your original SBC pump