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Here at ecu-repair, we promise to deliver you a comprehensive car diagnostic which includes a full scan on all available computers installed on your car.

We use professional diagnostic equipment to get the right fault codes.

We can recode or reprogram any computer from your car.

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Professional diagnostic and Wiring Faults Rapair

We can trace any wire fault and repair it. 


Mercedes Ignition Switch - repair recode Key programming

You need to send the unit to us in order to get it repaired and we send it back next working day or, depending on the situation, we might require more time to fix your unit - according to its fault.



If you have diagnosed the Ecu of your vehicle to be at fault, you will be aware that you cannot just get a second hand ecu as it will NOT be coded to YOUR car. 

All we need is for you to post us your Original ECU and Donor ECU and we will take the necessary measures to provide the service for you and return it ready to plug and play within 24 hours.


ABS Airbag Dashboard repair service

In today’s vehicles, the airbag and braking systems are connected up to the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic systems. That means that to diagnose, reset and repair these parts you need specialist tools and equipment. We offer a full airbag and ABS fault finding and repair service, with our experts getting you back on the road in no time.


DPF Cleaning for Cars and Light Commercials

Loss of power? DPF light constantly lit? MPG not what it should be? DPF Clean Team has a 98% success rate on Catalytic Convertor and DPF cleaning for all makes of cars and light vehicles. We use a highly cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, at a fraction of the cost of a new DPF. With a force regeneration and using main dealer diagnostic equipment we will bring your filter back to a nearly new condition.

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