Here is a Mercedes W230 SL 500 with the sbc pump faulty.

After running the diagnostic and checking actual values on sbc pump we decide to go and repair original pump.

We did take the precaution measures before removing the pump from the car wich includes dezactivating it...

February 9, 2018

Here we have a BMW e90 2.0 Diesel engine ecu faulty with water damage.

We try to repair the ecu but worked for short while and died. We did back  up to it and we did clone it to a second hand unit . All is working now perfect. We also unblock water drains aswell.


December 4, 2017

Hello all,

Customer has an issue with his SL55 - No ignition and the remote is not working eighter.

Customer send the ignition swithch (EZS EIS)  to us to get it repaired because main dealer cost is over 700 pounds.

We receive it and when we test it the data in proce...