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Mercedes W230 - SL500 - Key not turning- Remote not working - EZS EIS repair

Hello all,

Customer has an issue with his SL55 - No ignition and the remote is not working eighter.

Customer send the ignition swithch (EZS EIS) to us to get it repaired because main dealer cost is over 700 pounds.

We receive it and when we test it the data in processor responsible with key data was damaged and the board was damaged aswell. ( we figured out this after we repair data inside procesor)

For any reason all keys become DISABLED.

We did repair and reprogram all his original data into a second hand ignition switch.

Part is already in post and we have another happy customer! :)

Mercedes Benz W230 Ignition Switch

W230 EZS EIS repair




Many part number available for repair! Just enquire!

SL500 SL600 SL55 SLK Ignition switch repair

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