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Ford Focus ST 2008 ABS C1288 Pressure sensor faulty - Repair ABS Pump Save from dealer price!!!

Here we have a Ford Focus 2008

Initial fault code:

C1288 Pressure sensor faulty

Customer came to get a second diagnostic because main dealer price was ridiculuous ( around £1600 + VAT )

We did run through all the checks a

nd we fiind out that the ABS module ecu need to be replaced.

We offer the customer the option to repair the ABS pump at a fraction of the dealer price.

We even aim to finish the job even quicker than main dealer time.

We aim to complete all repair work in around 2 days time.

In this service we include :

* Repair of your original ABS ecu

* Dissasamble and fit the pump after repair procedure

* Change brake fluid

* Bleed ABS pump by diagnostic

* Reprogram ABS ECU

We offer 6 months warranty!!!

Requires booking in advance due to 2 days time to repair it.

Dont hesitate to give us a call:


Is up to you if you decide to choose our service or not. We aim to deliver a professional service first of all.

We are transparents when it comes to information you want to know and honesty makes us to build long term relation with our customers.

Get in touch and save yourself £££ !!!


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